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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 21, 2003


Does anybody really care who is in charge at Granada/Carlton/ITV. I submit m'lud that this is a case of the media reporting on the media in a self-obsessive, navel gazing manner, whilst non media people don't give a rat's arse.

It's acceptable for the media section of the Guardian to report it, of course, but the fact is it was all over 5Live this morn, which is beyond the, you know, pale. Pail?

These guys are all a bunch of empty suits anyway, aren't they? Whoring themselves from one job to another whilst maintaining a healthy contempt for their audiences. My favourite kind of tv people are the kind who say they don't actually watch any television. I love them so much. Especially act-ors, when interviewed for Radio Times.

Q. What's your favourite television programme?
A. Muffin the Mule, which is the last thing I saw. I think you'll find that though I'm in your face constantly on television, I feel I'm far too important to actually watch the rubbish we put out.


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