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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 03, 2003

Reptilian Reptilian Reptilian

This is a new word Babette learned today at a training seminar. When kids go all hyper and out of control, it's often because they're dehydrated. They lose the higher functions of the brain and can't be reasoned with.

Both Elodie and ChloƩ are like this occasionally, but Elodie is the worst. You can see her going round the room looking for things to get into, like a little animal rooting around. She's like a cat or fox with a dustbin bag.

But how do you get the little tykes to stand still and drink some fluid? I guess it's why god invented Ribena.

Nathalie's mum, in France, makes a natural syrup from the strawberries in her garden. The kids love it (diluted with water), and it's the only time you can really get them to guzzle loads of fluid. Funny thing, Elodie loves that but won't eat strawberries.


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