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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 02, 2003


My favourite library ever was Luton library, which was huge. It was special because it was an order of magnitude bigger than the Dunstable library, which is what I had growing up. It was like Dunstable library to the power of ten. So many books.

The best bit in it, for me, was the science fiction section, which was peerless. It took up a whole wall, and was full of the delicious yellow Gollancz classics. I have spent years chasing down some of the books I read there, like the one about the women and the horses (I couldn't remember the author's name). I still have never found Galatea Galant again; and what happened to all the brilliant Terry Carr "Best SF" anthologies? There were loads of them, and you never see them any more.

What a disappointment Milton Keynes library was after that. It was all wide open spaces and public art, which makes you want to puke when there aren't enough books.

The library where I live now is rubbish, and I almost never go there.


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