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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

September 29, 2003


It's arrived. Earlier this year I was all about megapixels. Now I'm all zoom zooom zoooom. I love the idea of a camera that contains within it a much bigger camera that you'd have to support on a pole.

I've got one out to try. Feels a bit cheap and plasticky compared to the F300, but it works as advertised. Fantastic zoom, rapid focus, full-screen movies, and progressive capture, so you can keep filming until you get the shot you want and then let go of the shutter.

It's not the prettiest camera, but it does what most people want, and it's inexpensive.


  • You're an excellent writer. Unfortunately I'm not a great reader; if I was, I would read this blog. Much better than that paperback rubbish.

    By Anonymous Astrales, at 5:01 am  

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