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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

September 19, 2003

another lunchtime...

... spent down in what we call the Disco Room, recording some guitar with Si onto a track we've been playing with. Given that we only had a *cough*lunch hour*cough*, I joked with him at the beginning that I'd only let him do a couple of takes.

Which, it turned out is exactly what we did. I was still fiddling with the settings while he started his first pass, but by the time he got to the solo it was so beautiful I knew I was going to keep it.

So then the second pass just turned out to be a whole nother track. I put some rotary speaker effect on the second one, panned it left, and left the original take (edited to take out the messing around at the beginning etc) on the right. Somehow the two takes just work perfectly together.

Cubase has a really stupid feature (we were using it because the drum track is currently in Groove Maker, which is a VST plug-in) where it record-enables a track when you select it. So in the middle of Si's second take, when I selected the track above to tweak a setting, we suddenly started to overdub guitar onto the wrong track. Which just goes to prove that Cubase is aimed squarely at the solo bedroom hero, and doesn't think there might be someone at the controls while someone else is playing.


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