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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

September 17, 2003

when life is like star trek

Not an original observation, this. There have been too many "everything you know about life you learned from star trek" type things.

But last night was one of those godawful episodes with Worf's kid and Deanna Troy's mother. And I realised, life is like that. There's a sub plot, which could be quite interesting, involving metal parasites eating the ship's systems, and all the interesting characters are involved in that. But then there's the main plot, which you're involved in, and it's all Deanna Troy's mother and Worf's kid.

It's a bit like that scene in Stardust Memories, the one where he's on a train where all the people are miserable, and there's another train where everyone is having fun.

While other people seem to be working out how to prevent alien parasites from destroying everything, I'm trying to prevent Worf's kid from forgetting his homework.


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