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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 30, 2005

Never thought I'd say this...

But well done to Mr Oliver over his school meals campaign, which makes me feel ridiculously emotional, for sentimental reasons.

But what I don't understand is why the government are falling over themselves to deny being influenced by his campaign. What's that about? Not only is it obvious that they are, but it seems small-minded and pathetic to pretend that you aren't. It reminds me of that classic Smashie and Nicey sketch, as they dash to the press conference to announce their resignations before their sacking is announced.

We all know governments are influenced by lobbies, sometimes too much so. But a grass roots campaign to improve the quality of school meals is hardly Big Tobacco and Bernie Ecclestone is it? Or is it?

It all ties together anyway. There was much in the news yesterday about how teachers were facing constant verbal and physical abuse from older kids. I'm sure that diet is a huge influence on kids' behaviour. While the centre cannot hold and things do fall apart, I also believe that the major difference between my generation at school age and the current is the growth in the food industry.

And let's face it, the influence that this government needs to be denying is that of the food lobby, the sugar and dairy industries, and the Deep Fat Conglomerate.


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