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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 10, 2005

Clarks Originals

I bought a pair of new Desert boots the other day. You should know about me that I can basically wear two kinds of shoes: Dr Martens (boots with only 3 pairs of holes) and Clarks Originals Desert Boots (should be Clark's with an apostrophe, but that's not how Clarks do it). I've even tried other kinds of desert boots, but they're all rubbish. Tried a ridiculously expensive pair on in John Lewis the other day and they felt like 10 Euro Halles aux Chaussures specials.

And now archaeologists have found the original Clarks Original shoe, in a hollowed-out tree trunk.

BBC NEWS | England | Somerset | Iron Age shoe unearthed at quarry: "The Iron Age relic was found in a hollowed tree trunk set into the ground at Whiteball Quarry, near Wellington.
Archaeologists say the shoe is the equivalent of a size 10 and is so well-preserved that stitch and lace holes are still visible in the leather."

Not my size though. Size 44. Est ce que vous l'avez dans une taille quarante trois??


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