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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 03, 2005

What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

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So. . I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the experience, as this is one of those operating system upgrades that seems to be all about underlying technology and less about user experience.

If you've used Konfabulator, then you've seen Dashboard, or something like it, so bof to that. There's more eye candy, and a big so what to that, too. I always resent (and switch off where possible) anything that eats unnecessary processor cycles.

Then there's spotlight, which is undeniably the most impressive "Find" function I've ever seen. Extraordinarily quick, extraordinarily accurate. The results start appearing as soon as you start typing (too quick? More unnecessary processor cycles?), and it finds everything with the remotest connection to the word you type. It finds the songwriting credits on MP3 files, emails, and even internet bookmarks.

Superb, but not necessarily of a great deal of use. I tend to remember where I put stuff, and I'm generally pretty organised with things I intend to keep in the long term. The fundamental problem of losing things on computers is about a LACK of keywords. All those digital photos called PICT004567.jpg etc that come out of your digital camera. Who has time to go through and add keywords to all of them?

For example, I took over 150 photos this weekend alone - am I going to keyword them? No. I rely on the fact that iPhoto keeps them more or less in the order I took them, and shows me a thumbnail view of each one.

So , impressive as it is, isn't really going to help with things like that. As for the rest, I've not had a problem in the past. So who identified this need? Where are all these people who complain about losing files on their computers? I'd hate to get stuck in a lift with them, because they're all idiots, obviously.

In the end, it's just dumbed down, innit? You're too thick to keep your files in order? Here y'are, then, we've made it easy for you to be as sloppy and stupid as you like. Too lazy to visit the BBC web site for a forecast? Here you go, one keystroke away, a completely innacurate weather forecast for a place that's actually quite a long way from where you live.

I'm sure under the surface this really is the most advanced and easy to use consumer operating system you could hope for, but to an experienced and competent end user, it's more or less exactly the same as the last one.

Oh, and Rendezvous is now called Bonjour, which I think it has been for a while. Stupid name.


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