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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 06, 2005

TV Hell

Interesting that in this brief interview with Robert Downey Jr from the Guardian, the journalist is told specifically "...that mentioning drugs, guns or jail will result in our swift ejection from the room."

Interesting, because in his embarrassing appearance on Jonathan Ross' chatshow, Ross talked about almost nothing but.

Now I'm no apologist for poor old celebs, and if they don't want the questions to be asked, then they sure as hell know what to do. Nobody held a gun to Downey's head and made him record an album, after all.

On the other hand, whenever I catch any of Jonathan Ross' show (I see about half of an episode once per series when I can't be arsed to go to bed), I always find his interviews excrutiatingly embarrassing, pointless, and repetitive.

One I saw was with Kate Beckinscale, and all he said to her was how great she was looking, how beautiful she looked, etc etc., ad nauseam, for about 10 minutes. In other words, nothing to say to her at all, aside from the resolutely shallow and meaningless kind of compliment she probably gets paid in Hollywood all the time. For the audience watching at home, who can see how great she looks for themselves, it was like watching paint dry.

Same thing with Downey Jr. Over and over again, the drugs, the drink, the arrests, the wild times. Stuff we all already knew, so neither interesting nor pertinent.

TV execs think Ross has some kind of golden touch, but I think he's guilty of the same sins he always was, the habits and attitudes that saw his career in the toilet for most of the 90s. He plays up to the studio audience (which doesn't work for the tv viewers the show is supposedly for), and he plays with his stack of cards, flicks his hair, labours all his jokes to death, and clearly doesn't have anyone in his team who bothers to research his interview subjects. Oh, and he acts like he's the best mate of whoever is on, which is clearly not true.

In the case of Downey Jr., I'd have gone straight out of the studio, had it been me, and put out a contract on Ross' life.


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