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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 12, 2005

Does not compute

Hmm. So, according to Sky News : Britain Is In For A Scorcher This Summer. Which is all over the airwaves as well this morning. They say,
The Met Office says average temperatures in June, July and August will be unusually high

And of course el governmente spokesperson is warning old people to stay in the fridge.

But over at The BBC Weather Centre web site, I find the following (quoted in full from the end of the article):
Summer 2005 - Latest Update May 2005
The Met Office's Hadley Centre produces global experimental seasonal forecasts for precipitation and temperature, to get a picture of weather in the coming months. The forecast for this summer (June, July and August) favours a trend towards average to above average temperatures in Scotland and southwestern parts of England. For rest of the UK however, temperatures look to be around average.

For southwestern parts of the UK below average rainfall may be experienced, whereas elsewhere rainfall amounts are likely to be around average. These figures however, are the predicted general trends for the summer as a whole and what we must remember are the individual regional and temporal events which characterise our true British summer.

So which is it, Met Office? Scorcher, or "averagely average, depending on where you live"?

Anyway, what a load of crock. They can't predict the weather 5 days ahead, so why should we believe them predicting 3 months ahead? Stuff and nonsense, I tell ye. My prediction? Over time, everything will tend to be average. Which is why I so often say, "Average," when people ask how I am.

My other prediction: Everton will be relegated next year.


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