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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

November 24, 2005

Top Ten Vanilla Products

1. Vanilla Cheesecake - made with vanilla caster sugar, with a teaspoon of vanilla essence and vanilla eggs and vanilla cheese (some of that may have been exaggerated)

2. Vanilla Pods - just open the tube for a sniff, or keep in your caster sugar for vanilla sugar on demand

3. Vanilla Sugar - that stuff with the blue label in the "posh products" section at Sainsbury's

4. Fresh Vanilla Custard - find it in the chiller cabinet in the supermarket - black speckles of vanilla seeds should be visible

5. Vanilla Ice Cream - make your own, or get some in a shop - with the little black speckles in it that show it cares. Serve with a slice of hot apple pie or strudel

6. Vanilla Essence - for a quick hit of vanilla, drink straight from the bottle (joke) - or try a teaspoon in a shot of vodka (I've never tried this, of course, but I'm sure it is wonderful)

7. Crèmes desserts Danette vanille à la crème fraîche de Danone - for when you really feel you can't eat any more, but... oh, go on then

8. Alsatian, artisan-made butter vanilla shortbread

9. A good Chardonnay - "vanilla" is often used in the tasting notes for the very best wines

10. Vanilla fudge - no, not the band - the kind you make with clotted cream or buy on holiday for a friend or relative and then eat


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