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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 14, 2005

ITV News Channel axed

Question 1: Did you know ITV had a news channel?

Question 2: Have you ever watched it?

I can say that I have watched BBC News 24 and it's RUBBISH! I can't believe how amateurish and shambolic it is. With just one thing to get right - the news - they manage to make a complete hash of it, unable to synch sound and picture, or match the script to what you see on screen. And they have big, dumbass graphics all over the most interesting bit on screen, and a range of identikit presenters who must feel suicidal at the prospect of working there.

Registration required to read MediaGuardian.co.uk. The funniest bit is at the end of the story:
Staff had been hoping for a reprieve until after Christmas after ITV delayed a decision on its future at the beginning of this month.

Only a fortnight ago it hired former Sky News presenter Scott Chisholm to host the news channel's breakfast show, which launched on Monday.

Now, that's comedy.


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