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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 12, 2005

Nice writing: A Ghost in Darwin

In my periodic trawls through the web for stories on the trial that fascinates me, I have rarely come across a good "colour" piece, but here's one by Steve Braunias on New Zealand Insight. Serves to capture something of the atmosphere of the trial town as the trial proceeds, and - back in time - of what must have been a scary night, when it all went down:
They saw a bushfire. They saw kangaroos. They smoked some dope Falconio had bought in Sydney and stashed underneath the dashboard, and watched the sunset. They played the Stone Roses - Falconio's choice, the band wasn't to Lees' taste. By then, said Murdoch, he had turned off Stuart Highway, and into the Tamani desert, 'rolling along like Tommy tourist'.

Darkness fell..."

Good stuff.


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