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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 09, 2005

Cameron Succumbs to Everything-is-Connected Madness

What is this new madness? Teenager David Cameron, 19, from Notting Hill, has published a comment piece in the Gonad that clearly indicates he has been reading this blog and has gone quite mad. He even appears to think he is the new Conservative Party leader. Like me, he realises that Everything is connected:
There's a series of issues, all of which are connected with one another and which constitute a great challenge: climate change, pollution, biodiversity, the countryside and waste. The quality of public space and our urban landscape. Working and living patterns and the suburban landscape. Traffic jams, rural juggernauts, the balance between road and rail and carbon emissions from transport. Demographic change and the supply and affordability of housing."

In his madness he even acknowledges that it's impossible to deal with these issues using separate government departments.

Bloody hell. I think we all need to take a pill. It's like I've entered a parallel universe in which the Labour Party are hopelessly right wing and reactionary and the Tories have some kind of vision thing going on.


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