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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 22, 2006

All in a weekend's work

Many years ago, I went round Roy's gaff and recorded a song I'd just written (when I was still smarting from what had inspired it). That was 1992, ish. It's okay Val, I'm over it now.

I was cleaning up my iTunes library Friday evening and came across the individual mono tracks from the portastudio - which Roy had sent on a CD a few years ago. At first I didn't know what it was, but when I remembered I thought it was probably a decent little song, in the end, especially when you no longer feel the actual pain. The old (cassette 4-track) recordings were hissy and noisy, the tempo was too slow, and my harmonica was out of tune, so there wasn't a lot to be reclaimed.

I thought I'd try recording it again, so I scribbled the words down - the chords were easy. And that's what I did this weekend. Here's a quick 'n' dirty mix of what I ended up with after I recorded loads of bits and then took 50% of it away.

Only a Week (MP3 128kbps)

What struck me, as I was doing it, was that the bit I enjoy doing most on all my recordings in the organ. Shame I can't play, eh?


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