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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 18, 2006

More on McKeith

From The Observer Food monthly. I laughed out loud at this:
"A cursory glance through her books reveals that she is no scientist. I opened You Are What You Eat at random, and read the following: 'Floating stools that will not flush show a liver imbalance.' Catherine Collins, chief dietician at St George's hospital, London, points out that: 'it is impossible to diagnose medical conditions from looking at a normal brown stool.' Even a persistent floater? So it seems."

To clarify, floating stools that will not flush show a plumbing imbalance. Some toilets are better designed than others.


  • Floating stools would also be a fundemental problem if you were in the business of diagnosing witches using the method of duckery.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 5:39 am  

  • "chief dietician at st.george's hospital," woooo i'm impressed. i can't believe i've been put in this position of being an apologist for mckeith. you're all falling for the science bit. a made-up doctorate off the interweb is just as valid as something bought in another way from one of our wonderful seats of learning. you are what you eat is ace telly, if a bit of a one-trick pony (and trap). if she can convince lardies to lose weight, what's the problem?

    it's the folds of skin left flapping about afterwards that we need to address.

    By Blogger dog, at 6:25 am  

  • Not only the skin....it's the persistent sound of the brain rattling in the skulls of the gullible that needs addressing.

    Snake-Oil for thickies, Snake-Oil for thickies... (voiced in a peculiar transatlantic bastardisation of a Scottish accent)

    By Blogger The Blind-Winger Jones, at 8:21 am  

  • unlike your blog, martin, we don't delete comments we disagree with. if you are what you eat, you must eat a lot of shit.

    By Blogger dog, at 9:28 am  

  • Take it outside, boys. I can tell from the colour of your comments that you have a spleen problem.

    Actually, I have deleted comments - mostly spam, but sometimes when I thought it might be spam but I wasn't sure.

    I don't eat spam, by the way.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 9:37 am  

  • ok boss. don't send me back to the dark place.

    he started it though...

    By Blogger dog, at 9:40 am  

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