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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 31, 2006

Are You Clean?

Well, are you, punk?

The BBC has a story about the popularity of The TOTO Washlet in the USA. It's a kind of combination heated toilet seat and bidet, allowing you to "feel refreshed" while you worry about the world shortage of fresh water.

It's worth looking at the demo videos, if only to marvel and chortle. this one, the biggest has the best payoff, as a ghostly humanoid comes and makes use of the facility. Check the body language as the bidet operates. Bliss!

Note: they recommend you use a proper plumber and electrician. Can you imagine the hilarity if you try to install one yourself and get the electricity and the water mixed up?


  • Heh heh! The Portable Washlet!

    "Designed for the person on the go"

    These copywriters! They kill me!

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 5:11 am  

  • Those videos are truly the funniest thing that I've seen in years.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 5:17 am  

  • Yes, we're talking about washing shit off your arse, but if we do it in a really soft, sensual voice, sounding like Bree off Desperate Housewives, nobody will notice.

    Actually, it's very sexy if it is Bree off Desperate Housewives...

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 5:21 am  

  • if you eat like gmck suggests, you don't even need toilet paper, never mind a portable washlet.

    but i won't go there.

    By Blogger dog, at 6:31 am  

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