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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

February 15, 2006

Avignon (2006 version)

When I've been working on a mix, I always punish myself by listening to the end result in the crappy speakers built into the iMac. Not only are they too small to be any use, but the genius Apple designers pointed them in the wrong direction - downwards. So the sound bounces off my cork work surface before heading off around the room.

My rationale is that if I can get it to sound ok on the iMac speakers, it should sound okay on anything, but who am I kidding?

Needless to say, this is my 4th attempt at mixing this, my second attempt at my second attempt at a song I first wrote and recorded a couple of years ago. Back then, it was mostly acoustic sounds, but I've gone off that version since.

I found it quite a challenge to mix, because I threw so much in, but I think it's all right-ish.

If Castpost is slow for you (and it was fine just now for me), drop me a line at mcmrbt [at] gmail [dot] com if you want me to mail you the MP3 direct.

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