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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 24, 2006

So so slow slow

I'm printing out what I'm going call my second draft. It cometh out as 138 pages of A4. And it taketh all bloody day on my crappy little Canon. With inkjet printers, you can get pretty excellent quality on the cheapest in the range, but if you want extra speed, that's when you pay more. And it's only when you come to print something of any length that you realise how damn slow slow can be.

One of the quirks of my Canon is that text is more or less unreadable on quality settings less than "detailed." It's shite, otherwise. So, on "detailed," it's been chugging along since, I dunno, 11 this morning? And it's about half done, at time of writing, which is just gone half four. It's taken over five hours to print about 50-60 pages.

Worse still, I had to interrupt the job to print something else, worrying that the ink would run out, and when I restarted it, instead of starting from where it had left off, it started from the beginning again and printed half a dozen pages before I noticed. Half a dozen pages that took about 30 minutes to print! Bugger!

Bloggerrrrr has been on drrrrrugs today, so there may be a sudden flurrrrrrry of posts.


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