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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 05, 2006

It can't be THAT bad, surely?

I probably won't see it for three years, and I knew Miiissiiion IIImpossiiible would get a good kicking from the hopeless snobs who masquerade as newspaper critics, but one star? Really? Honestly?

Can it really be worse than something like My Own Private Idaho? Or a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, or a Steven Seagal? I seriously doubt it. Can we separate our loathing of a Scientologist nutcase from the actual artefact? Was Elvis a racist? Was John Lennon a wife beater?

We'll see what Kermode says on Simon Mayo this afternoon, eh?


As I expected, Kermode said it was "great fun" and "laugh out loud funny and KNOWS it's laugh out loud funny" which other critics don't seem to get. You will be able to hear what he said about it if you follow the Kermode link.


  • I can't abide the horrible little man. Apparently he does all his own stunts you know, but obviously has somebody professional to do his over white 'zeon neon' style teeth.

    I do wonder though, are all the film sets really tiny to make him look normal size on screen?

    By Anonymous James, at 10:19 am  

  • I don't think Kermode is horrible, I think he rocks...!

    ..knows his way about a double bass too...

    By Blogger patrische, at 2:09 pm  

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