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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 04, 2006

Lost in the Dark

So what I thought of the first three episodes of season 2 was... not as good as Alias, but then you knew I'd say that.

Most particularly, it seemed they got stuck on one scene that lasted around 2.5 episodes. From 3 points of view they did it, same scene, as if it was going to be important or something, but come on. That's just cheap telly. You get the impression that JJ Abrams was off on another mission or something.

And it was dark, so dark. You're watching this footage in your HD editing suite, I bet it looks fantastic. But in your living room, with your wall lights on, with the layer of dust over the TV screen, it's all a bit, well, dark. It gets wearing, it being dark all the time. Even when they walked into the bunker and there appeared to be lights burning on every surface, it was still dark.

Eventually the sun came up. But it was still mostly dark.

I'm still going to watch it, but Lost is on a yellow card.


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