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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 25, 2006

Tagged by Marie. Again.

I am about to go on holiday
I want to read Marie's novel
I wish I was friendlier
I hate lying, cheating, selfishness and greed
I love my wife and kids and Joy Lynne White's voice
I miss Linda Riley, Loui, James, Simon, and every other episode of NYPD Blue
I fear moving up a trouser size
I hear Trisha Yearwood singing "Everybody Knows"
I wonder if one day we will all turn into nanotech grey goo
I regret too many things to list
I am not very serious
I dance with movements that are indiscernible to the naked eye
I sing my own songs and a (very) few party pieces.
I cry too easily and too often, and at surprising things, like live music. And not live music that's supposed to make you cry, just anything that's good. Keith Urban doing the riff to "You Look Good in My Shirt" makes me cry. Odd.
I make my own pizza, and it is very, very good
I write too easily and too often
I confuse names, especially short ones. Pat, Jan, Dan, Stan, whatever
I need to spend time alone because I am an introvert
I should go for a bike ride this afternoon
I start with a blank sheet of paper
I finish at the bottom of the page
I tag Pat, Jan, Dan, or Stan.


  • Guys, great "I am" lists by the way and can I register an apology that I haven't linked to you much of late. It's not a deliberate thing. I'm just a bit backlogged with stuff. You keep posting more and more great things I want to link to and I can't keep up!

    This is really my problem and not yours in case that isn't clear...

    By Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg, at 11:03 am  

  • I love your comments Lisa.

    You really are a consistently positive voice here. Nice and cheery. A sort of antidote to our moments of grumpyness.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 12:55 pm  

  • Also while I'm in such a "you're my best mate" kind of mood (and no! I haven't been drinking!), it's really quite an honour that Marie has singled the Holyhoses Lads out again.

    Can it be that I'm getting soft in my old age? Tolerant, and warm?

    Or perhaps it's just another flash of post-alcohol induced dementia.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 2:22 pm  

  • Ach, we don't mind if its the dementia...

    By Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg, at 6:36 am  

  • The book: one day...

    By Blogger Marie, at 5:24 pm  

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