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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 25, 2006

Virgin tagger says what?

I am, not as handsome, talented or rich as I could be
I want more time and less stress
I wish for a long and happy life with those I love around me
I hate the grey days
I love most of my life and all of my friends (even the ones who sometimes don't deserve it)
I miss my dog when we go on holiday
I fear maths
I hear workmen, and they give me a headache
I wonder what it's like to leave everything that makes you feel secure, to dare to do the things you think you can't
I regret nothing, not really, sometimes I think 'oops, my bad' but this stuff makes me , me. even the fuck ups!
I am not alone, I've not felt alone very often, Alone is not a good place for the human mind. I'm not talking about a bit of 'space to breath', or some 'me' time. I'm talking about the state of mind.
I dance all night. but not often, and always with friends who don't care that I look stupid when I dance - not as stupid as them though
I sing too loudly in the car
I cry, but not often and not when I wanted to most
I make people happy, I hope.
I write with bad spelling and, worse, grammar; but with a smile.
I confuse my dog, it's funny!
I need a holiday, I want it by the sea and relaxing for a change. No cars, no schedules, no fuss, just sun, sea and fine wine.
I should book it, soon.
I started writing on here because Bob and Simon gave me the encouragement, those guys are great. Most people are good, not many are great.
I finish first
I tag sign posts, underpasses, community centres and bus seats*

*not really.


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