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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

June 16, 2006

coupe du monde

cristiano ronaldo of portugal is the gay pin-up boy of the world cup, apparently. how fucking unoriginal. i've always had a soft spot for andrei shevchenko, myself. although i'm not gay. nothing wrong with being gay, of course, but i happen not to be so. if i were gay (which i'm not), andrei could have me anytime he wanted. you could sort of get lost in his beautiful eyes.

my vote for worst commentator goes to peter drury. they're all bloody awful, but the itv ones tend to be worse because they have to keep on selling the game to you when it's obviously a crap game. the bbc already have your money so they can acknowledge the crap, to a degree.

and don't even mention the "expert summarisers."

i miss big ron. i know he said some really stupid and awful things, but surely he shouldn't be punished forever. the man was/is a fucking genius.


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