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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

June 07, 2006

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Well, I had my first full day in the school I'm going to be teaching in come September.
Overall, I think it was okay.
Really hot, though.
Laughably, I'd forgotten just how hot a classroom gets in the summer.
Didn't do a Tony Blair, thankfully, and sweat through my shirt at the armipits.

Couldn't believe how ridiculously short most of the girls were wearing their uniform skirts.
Under normal circumstances, I'd make no comment, but it hardly seems a practical way to wear them.
Perhaps their parents don't care, or have given up trying to influence them.

Before I start training officially in September, I have to do another five days at least.
Learning strategies for controlling behaviour is the main thing.
Often, the kids pick up on subtle cues and it's interesting to see their different attitudes to different teachers.
Going forward, I might do some actual teaching after I've observed a few more lessons.


  • Yeah, school is a awfully warm place in summer, I'd completely forgotten! Keep us up to date, I'd love to know how it all works and how you get on.

    By Blogger HolySwerve, at 2:42 am  

  • Nice viral marketing by the way!

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 3:16 am  

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