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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 30, 2005

In the offing...

Ms Maria McKee has a new album coming out on April 19th. According to her handwritten newsletter (I love the way she does that), it's more traditional than her previous two records (which lacked good tunes, in my opinion); and according to the email newsletter it's a return to something like You Gotta Sin to Get Saved which was her last rock/country/soul outing.

I liked just the one track on High Dive, but I believe in supporting Maria, so I'll shell out for the new one.

Interesting to read on page 2 of her newsletter that she's written a play, "about an adolescent girl who is both the protegé of and caretaker for her Brilliant and Troubled older brother (sound familiar?)." Indeed.

Another independent minded female singer/writer with a record in the works is Shelby Lynne whose last album, Identity Crisis is very good, but for some reason always makes me think of vacuuming the stairs up to the loft conversion in our old house. Suit Yourself, then is also on my list of things to buy soon, along with the forthcoming 5pr1nG5t33n album, which we've promised not to talk about.

Both Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood have upcoming releases, so there must be something in the 2005 air.


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