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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 11, 2006

Last Car to Twatford Gap

Although I enjoy the mad meanderings of Jeremy Clarkson in the Times (and Top Gear magazine), I have come to believe that James May is more my kind of fellow, and I'm now an avid reader of his column in the Daily Torygraph. I've also discovered the page on the Top Gear web site with all his archived articles.

In this one, he argues that the handling characteristics of a car are not there to be explored to the limit, and that driving like a twat means you end up - sooner or later - in a ditch. A flavour:
I'm glad I didn't kill Barlow. I would have felt a bit shoddy about it. And I'm glad for him too; for while Bing Crosby had the presence of mind to say, "It was a great game" as he fell at the 18th hole, The Oxford Book of Quotations would have recorded Barlow only as the man responsible for the longest series of uninterrupted 'focks' in the history of the Northern Irish language.

He's a very funny man. The sort of man you'd like to share a pint or two with in the pub.


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