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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

February 28, 2006

I thought I might like it, but I don't

In my life I've possibly bought half a dozen albums that were in the charts at the time that I bought them. For me, it usually pays to wait - decades - to see if something is worth having. It's got to have that timeless quality. And I never, ever, buy something that's advertised on telly. Does anyone remember the time before albums were regularly advertised? I do. It was quite a thing when someone had the idea of doing it, and they realised that it added several zeros to the weekly sales figures. Ker-ching.

But I was taken with KT Tunstall's interviews in the Brit Award aftermath, the fact that she's been rejected by just about every single record company because she was considered to be "the wrong side of 25," I was enjoying her success, and I thought, go on then, I'll buy your record.

Thought my wife would probably like it, even if I didn't.

It's okay, I suppose, but it doesn't sound as fresh as I hoped. It sounds like that kind of thing, if you know what I mean. Slickly produced to sound like all the others of this ilk. It's not unpleasant, but I don't think I'd have been missing much. Anyway, she doesn't need my endorsement.

Someone said to me once that the Norah Jones album (I think it was) was cleverly produced so as to appeal to as wide a range of tastes as possible, and this is the same. For people who like folky singer songwriter stuff, jazzy stuff, bluesy stuff, rock, that kind of thing. There's a lot of compression on the vocals, which makes them sound very "modern", and there's loads of compression on everything else as well, so it does sound like a whole host of modern music. The opening track even sounds like one of those piano-type logo bands, I don't know which one. I'd say Coldplay, but I dunno, because they all sound the same to me.

Her voice isn't bad, but I think she's got a bit of a vocal tic, she does a lot of blue notes, and if you're listening from another room, you just get this impression of slightly out of tune whining going on.

Could get to be as annoying as Sheryl Crow, which is another in my wife's collection.


  • I bought the CD for my wife who was banging on about it in the run up to xmas.

    I quite like it. I like the impression I have of her even more though. Whenever I see her on TV I end up thinking "good for you, sister" and I feel as though I'm on the same side as her when it comes to music.

    Another thing I like about her is that I get the genuine impression that she could pick up an acoustic at a party and blow everyone away with a song, which is the truest test of talent there is.

    I'm conscious though that some of the tracks are as catchy as nursery rhymes which means that in the calm light of a decade's retrospect they'll be more sickly than a spoonful of saccharines.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 2:36 am  

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