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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

February 22, 2006

Lady of the Lake

Surface, while it's still better than Invasion is showing signs of network interference and panic.

You can often see the writing on the wall for a programme when there's a voiceover glommed onto the beginning, explaining everything to the latecomers, which is what happened in Surface this week. Shame, because I've been enjoying it in all its tongue-in-cheek glory.

ITV2, also, are panicking, having moved it from Monday at 9, they're now showing it Saturday teatime with a repeat on Tuesday evening. One of the big probs with the Freeview channels is that the schedule is even more irrational than the mainstream ones. Still, I haven't missed any.

Another sign of the writing on the wall is the sudden plot-twist and exit of major characters. I may be doing Surface a disservice, but there was a whiff of "major rewrite" about the deaths of two scientists in last week's episode, and even the ET sub-plot has drawn to an end.

Another obvious change was the emphasis given this week to the - *ahem* - cleavage of leading lady Lake Bell. She's clearly been cast for her intelligent-looking face (and, hey, she's a brunette), but no man could have failed to notice that she's very well-made. This week, though, they pulled out all the stops and put her breasts front and centre in almost every scene. So much so, that I'm afraid I lost track of what was happening and might have to watch it again. There was one very exciting bit where she stripped off to her underwear and rubbed grease on her body, but I can't remember what happened next, so may watch it again. Perhaps slow motion will help me keep track of the plot...


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