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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

February 24, 2006

Is it just me, or...?

Prof. Robert Winston

Earl Hickey


  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don't sully (sullie?!) the best thing on tv at the moment! He's a cross between Dave Grohl and Morgan Spurlock and that's the ONLY comparison that's allowed!

    By Blogger AnnaWaits, at 4:06 pm  

  • do you know, i was thinking EXACTLY the same thing last night - the winston o'boogie comparison.

    By Blogger dog, at 10:21 am  

  • You bastards... how could you do this to us!

    Like Anna I am sticking my fingers in my ears and wiping my memory stick brain for this piece of (inaccurate) information...

    ARGH - it just won't go away!

    You swines...

    that'll teach me to follow Anna's links...

    By Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg, at 10:55 am  

  • Excellent shot Rob.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 6:44 am  

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