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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

February 01, 2006

Public Surface Announcement.

Apart from Life on Mars, Monday night telly means Surface on ITV2 (which I originally typed as suarfce, fact fans), which is a kind of muted-fanfare version of Channel 4's high-profile Invasion.

But you know what? After 4 or 5 Invasions, and 3 or 4 Surfaces (I can't count, I'm too stupid), I reckon Surface is better, much better.

While neither of them break new ground, Invasion seems so much more pedestrian, in it's pod-people way. Not much happens, and only the creepy Sheriff Carpettile is very interesting.

In Surface loads happens, and while it's packed full of Spielberg rip-off moments (like zooming out whilst tracking in with the camera), they're good moments, and you can play spot-the-Spielberg reference, too. Surface is thus filled with strong visual images and real tension, as well as laugh-out-loud funny moments (like the dog getting eaten, as happened this week). It's X-Files knowingness makes it pleasurable as well. Big sister calls her little brother "Frodo," for example, because he's the spit of Elijah Wood. It's that kind of attention to detail that makes it stand out.

I'm still watching Invasion, but it's Surface that I really look forward to.


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