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February 02, 2006

The Singles

In the everlasting debate about the Beatles' albums, it's easy to forget the singles. I'm talking in particular about the extra value singles the Beatles released in the UK, which were not included on the companion album. Talk about the hardest-working band in show business!

The full list of singles is a bewildering hotch-potch of official release, cash-in, and exploitation, so I'm just going to focus on 10 Parlophone/Apple releases that include non-album tracks. Proper singles, in other words. You could argue for the inclusion of some others - like the different versions of Let it Be and Get back on the singles compared the the albumens. But 10 is a round number, so I'll stick with that.

In ranked order then (duh, this is supposed to be an ordered list:

  1. I Feel Fine/She's A Woman

  2. Hey Jude/Revolution

  3. We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper

  4. Paperback Writer/Rain

  5. Lady Madonna/The Inner Light

  6. Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever

  7. I Want To Hold Your Hand/This Boy

  8. The Ballad Of John And Yoko/Old Brown Shoe

  9. She Loves You/I'll Get You

  10. From Me To You/Thank You Girl


  • Can't argue much with that. Might have swapped Paberback Writer/Rain and Hey Jude/Revolution.

    I feel fine is probably the best 7" of all time. (With the possible exception of I want you back by the Jackson 5)

    By Anonymous Rafael, at 4:36 am  

  • 'Fraid I gotta put Paperback Writer/Rain at numero uno; listening to Rain is like having a bronze axe lodged in your skull. The Beatles rythym section at their funkiest, heaviest, super-inventive best, Lennon's sneeriest Brit-Psyche vocal, Harrison's guitar ringing like a bell...I gotta go listen to it now.

    By Anonymous Paul Fuzz, at 5:58 am  

  • I love the Inner Light.

    The further one travels, the less one knows.

    By Blogger rashbre, at 2:28 pm  

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