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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 21, 2006

Some telly stuff

I was going to mention a couple of things that were on telly over the weekend. The first thing I was going to say, I watched Anger Management, which wasn't very good. I watched it not because it had Mad Bad Jack in it, or that other bloke, who seems to get a lot of work even though he's shite, but mainly because it had Marisa Tomei in it, playing YET ANOTHER put-upon girlfriend.

["Okay, so this guy's girlfriend, she loves him more than he loves her, and she's getting the worst end of the relationship. Who shall we cast, do you think?"

"What? Are you yanking my chain? Marisa Tomei, you dumb fuck."]

In spite of the fact that she has to play roles in which she has to use that smile, that, showbiz, smiling-through-the-pain smile, I do like Marisa Tomei. I think she's loverly. And she's almost exactly two years younger than me, so I would never forget her birthday, it being the day after mine.

The other thing I saw that I thought noteworthy was the episode of Las Vegas, which is I suppose 3 years old, being on Sky3 on Freeview, but new to me.

I quite like Las Vegas. It's not brilliant, and James Caan is dull as ditchwater, but it is trying to do something different. It's not doctors and it's not cops. It's not even gangsters. It's corporate, just like modern Vegas, and it's quite pacy, and there are some very foccy ladies in it, even an honorable Brit in the shape of Marsha Thomason, who I'd previously seen in that loud drama about women footballers.

Anyway, my point. Jean Claude Van Damme was in the episode. And aside from the slightly embarrassing (but probably contractual) line, "Biggest movie star in the world," (yeah, that's right Jean-Claude, that's why you're doing this), he was a good sport in a major way. Because he was playing himself but was killed doing a stunt he insisted on doing himself.

Normal TV guest star situation, especially playing themselves, you'd expect him to walk back in at the end, and it's all been a scam, but no. He was killed in the story, and at the end the credits read, "No Actual Jean-Claude Van Dammes were killed or injured in the making of this programme."

And that, in a nutshell, is probably why I like Las Vegas. But from an actor-ly point of view, isn't it considered to be bad kuck to play yourself and be killed in the story? It's just asking for the fickle finger of fate to poke you in the eye.


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