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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

July 17, 2007

Less Interesting News

I was staying away from here almost deliberately, as I sorta knew Simon would have absented himself by now. Sad but true.

Anyhow, I was aping him as usual, in deleting my back pages, and it brought us to a page of Holy Swerve, and one of Bob's valedictories - kinda apt...

Moreover, Mr Swerve's last post makes me feel bad as I am currently still in Harbinger of Doom mode, so I am unlikely to post much more for fear of bringing y'all down.

Isn't it a shame how things have to end?

January 29, 2007


I am alive and well. I am happy. Everything is fine.

Sometimes, catharisis is a beautiful thing.

July 13, 2006

Don't Go Near Angry Man

This excellent post caught my attention. I'm a pretty happy go lucky kind of bloke and have always tried to stay away from negative people. They always seem to bring you down. Even when the shit hits the fan I try to be chipper - it helps me get through the nightmare quicker. So this really struck a chord with me. Here's a quick snippet "Can any of us honestly say we haven't experienced emotional contagion? Even if we ourselves haven't felt our energy drain from being around a perpetually negative person, we've watched it happen to someone we care about. We've noticed a change in ourselves or our loved ones based on who we/they spend time with. We've all known at least one person who really did seem able to "light up the room with their smile," or another who could "kill the mood" without saying a word. We've all found ourselves drawn to some people and not others, based on how we felt around them, in ways we weren't able to articulate."

Great stuff.

July 11, 2006

Barrett Dies

Syd Barrett of legendary rock group Pink Floyd, has died at the age of 60, the band's spokeswoman has confirmed.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Drugs are good, then bad, then you die - So you may as well try them, at least once.

June 27, 2006

Owen Hargreaves

I make a brief return to let you know about this important FIFA World Cup news.

Owen Hargreaves Blog.

Thanks to Betty for the link.

June 20, 2006


i was going to append this to my excellent world cup report, but felt it deserved a post of its own.

they're back! haribo happy cola bottles are back in the shops in luvverly 350g bags! i know because i've just scored a bag! and scoffed the lot! and now i feel sick!

holyhoses, your official yummy happy cola bottles blog

world cup report

simon's post made me think of pete de freitas, the drummer of echo & the bunnymen, who was killed on the 14th of june, 1989. he was riding his ducatti motorbike along an 'a' road when some half-blind half-dead old biddy pulled out of a side road in her shitty little car and smashed him up. old people shouldn't be allowed to drive. no-one over 40 anyway.

thinking of pete de freitas made me think of the lovely andriy shevchenko, who played and scored for the ukraine yesterday in their 4-0 humiliation of saudi arabia. andriy has got pete de freitas eyes, you see. sort of. we're halfway through the cup of the world now, 32 games played, 32 games to play.

big ron is covering the world cup for uktv, though i don't know what that means.

it looks like owen hargreaves might be starting for engerland this evening. you know, i'm big enough to give the lad one more chance. let's see what he can do.

there's been a lot of talk about who we might meet in the last 16. do we want germany or ecuador? just because people don't know anything about ecuador, they seem to think they will be easier. what a load of wank. i've seen them, and they can play a bit. i'd rather meet germany now than in the final or something, when they're really excited.

little michael owen was almost crying the other night as he claimed, "it's not me that's crap, it's the rest of the team!" i'm big enough to give the lad one more chance, so let's see if he can stick a couple in the onion bag this pm.

gonna have me a time with a poor man's woman

did anyone else see neil diamond in concert on bbc four on friday night? strange bloke. hard to like, as a person, i would have thought. wonder what it's like to be him. to have been neil diamond.

as i was watching, i was put in mind of that complete cunt richard ashcroft. their vocal styles are amazingly similar. i can really do without all that mama stuff.

June 16, 2006

coupe du monde

cristiano ronaldo of portugal is the gay pin-up boy of the world cup, apparently. how fucking unoriginal. i've always had a soft spot for andrei shevchenko, myself. although i'm not gay. nothing wrong with being gay, of course, but i happen not to be so. if i were gay (which i'm not), andrei could have me anytime he wanted. you could sort of get lost in his beautiful eyes.

my vote for worst commentator goes to peter drury. they're all bloody awful, but the itv ones tend to be worse because they have to keep on selling the game to you when it's obviously a crap game. the bbc already have your money so they can acknowledge the crap, to a degree.

and don't even mention the "expert summarisers."

i miss big ron. i know he said some really stupid and awful things, but surely he shouldn't be punished forever. the man was/is a fucking genius.