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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 22, 2003



I've always wanted to see the Aurora, and yet I'm not hardy enough to live further north than I do now. I once took two holidays in a row near Inverness, which is as far north as I've ever been, hoping to see something. But it's pot luck, there has to be sun spot activity, and you can wait around for months, and see nothing.

The second trip to Inverness was the last holiday A and I took together. We went with her sister and her sister's boyfriend. It was a friendly enough week, but it was one of those things, but the time the photos came back from the lab, it was practically all over.

One night after we'd been in the bar, it was around midnight, I set the tripod up outside and took a photo of all of us using the available light. It was June, so it was never really properly dark. It was a sad thing indeed to see the print, all of us standing so still and smiling, when everything was about to change.

It reminds you how great the innernet can be, when you can see photos like this, taken in the past week. It's somehow better than looking at a book and seeing a photo taken 30 years ago. The Aurora seems more real. Someone was looking at it only yesterday.


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