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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 07, 2006


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While I'm not working, I thought I might as well do the kind of cooking I don't get time to do when I'm home late in the evenings. I've been using a food processor (Magimix) for years, but I've become increasingly disenchanted with it, because of the shitty plastic bowl(s) and lid(s), that you have to keep replacing.

My mum always had a Kenwood Chef, but they aren't as nice as the Kitchenaid ones, and the choice of colours with Kitchenaid is fantastico.

Red was my wife's choice. I like the pale blue and lavender ones myself, or I'd have gone for yellow to match my Gaggia. But red is good.

Saved £50 on the price in the shops (e.g. John Lewis) at TheCooksKitchen. You have to watch for it: they do a clever thing with a discount if you buy in the next 20 minutes, which turns you instantly from browser to impulse buyer!

Scones! Cakes! Pies! Bread! I could do some or all of these things in the Magimix, but there was always that thing with the blade changing the consistency of what you were doing, and it's a pain to clean.

I'm planning a scone-based pizza - not because I think they're better than bread-based, but because it's something I used to have a lot when I was a kid (Doctor Who, Saturday evening telly, scone-based pizza); and because I've written about it in the past, a lot of people arrive at this blog looking for a recipe for one. Watch this space...


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