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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 03, 2006

Seven of Mine

Simon's post about the 7 people you meet in your life who could be life partners has me thinking.

Although I declared undying love to countless girls when I was younger, and victimised them with poetry and songs, I'm struggling to come up with the full list of seven.

I would say that to be one of the seven, the person would have to be rated a five on The Scale, viz: You'd throw everything away, house, life-partner, kids (if applicable), for the chance one crazy night of nakedness and love and/or running away together.

A 5 on The Scale isn't necessarily the most beautiful person you've ever met, but the one who reaches all the parts of you that can be reached, the one who pushes all your buttons: intellectual, emotional, sexual.

On this basis, I've met five, six at a push, of my seven. Which means there's at least one more Five out there for me to meet. Danger Will Robinson! This is why I never go out, just in case.

p.s. Sorry about the Trek reference in the title!


  • Yes, you must be careful. They sneak up on you from unexpected places.

    On a similar note, it was announced yesterday that a woman is starting in the team where I work in two weeks.

    I was therefore faced with the dilemma of whether to tell my wife. Especially as it turns out the new starter knew the husband of my mate Sarah.

    Either you say nothing and be damned by your silence, or you mention it and face accusation for showing too much interest.

    I went with the latter and sure enough was in the doghouse all evening, even though I'd done nothing at all.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 2:43 am  

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