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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 02, 2006

Forever Nuts

That Mel Gibson film was on last night, Forever Young. I wonder how many other films have borrwed their titles from Bob Dylan songs?

Anyway, I can't see Mel Gibson now without thinking of him as a nutcase religionist, a complete fruitcake.

There was a funny story in the NME back when The Dylan was in his evangelical phase. Something about him building a very expensive house with a domed roof feature, with terrible cost overruns etc. And there was a quote, I think it was from Mick Jagger, who viewed the building site from afar and said something like, "It's a mosque, isn't it?"

I think of Mel Gibson as being so nutty that he lives in a hole in the ground, or on top of a pillar.


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