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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 11, 2006


Twenty Tracks

Since it's Easter (see below), and nobody is posting anything here, and more importantly, because nobody is around to read it, I'll steal this meme thing.

1) A track from your early childhood
I Feel Fine by the Beatles. This was released when I was nearly 2 years old, which is pretty early. But the childhood memory I associate with it is a bit later. I was walking home (alone) from school, either primary or early juniors (those were the days). I was probably around 7 or 8, and I was singing the riff to myself.

2) A track that you associate with your first love
So many first loves, but I don't really associate songs with people (which is going to make this meme a tough one) unless I write them myself. So probably it's a little ditty I wrote called "Please Forgive Me (I Was Insane)."

3) A track that reminds you of a holiday trip
God, is this really what people do? Associate songs with holidays? Maybe if your holidays involve going into those nightclub thingies, which mine never have, and never will. Anyway, there's a Lee Ann Womack song I used on one of my iMovie edits of a holiday in the Vendée, so I guess that would be it. It's a duet with Vince Gill (I just wrote diet instead of duet, which is funny if you know of Mr Gill) called "Some Things I Know".

4) A track you like but wouldn't want to be associated with in public
If I'm fine with admitting to liking the likes of Brad Paisley, there can't really be anything in this category, can there? I quite like "Nothing Ever Happens" by Del Amitri, does that count? Whatever happened to them?

5) A track that accompanied you when you were lovesick
"Most of the Time" by the Dylan

6) The track you have listened to most often
In my current iTunes line-up, it's "From Where I Stand" by Vince Gill, because I'm trying to learn to play it. Over my lifetime, probably "Thunder Road" by Bruce.

7) A track that is your favourite instrumental
Easy! "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers Band.

8) A track that represents one of your favourite bands
"I've Just Seen a Face" by the Beatles

9) A track which best represents yourself
Probably I feel most myself when listening to something like "Up to Me" by the Dylan or "The Weight" by the Band

10) A track which reminds you of a special person
See above for my thoughts on associating songs with people. But "You Look Good in My Shirt" by Keith Urban. Only it was my jumper. And, well, I wish.

11) A track to which you can relax
I'm going to have to say "Blue Sky" by the Allmans, Ron.

12) A track that stands for a really good time in your life
I feel like I've answered this one before. "Along for the Ride" by Matraca Berg (daughter #1) and "Let's Dance" by Sara Evans (daughter #2)

13) A track that is currently your favourite
Joy Lynn White's version of "Just Some Girl."

14) A track that you'd dedicate to your best friend
"Something Spring" by the Windmills for my current best friend; and "I Don't Want To," which I wrote about my ex-best friend.

15) A track that you like especially for its lyrics
"Imogene" by Gretchen Peters

16) A track that no one likes but you
Does this ever really happen? If it's been released on record, someone else must like it. So it would have to be one of my own, since I'm pretty sure nobody likes them but me.

17) A track that you like that's neither English nor German
"Raphael" by Carla Bruni, and others by her, but I can't be bothered to learn the titles

18) The track that best lets you release tension
"Mud on the Tyres" by Brad Paisley. That's a kind of joke, which would come under the heading of "things that you think are funny but no-one else does." Now that happens a lot.

19) A track you want to be played at your funeral
"Mud on the Tyres" by Brad Paisley.

20) A track that you'd nominate for "Best Track of All Time"
I'm going to have to go with "Blue Sky" by the Allman Brothers Band again, Ron.


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