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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 11, 2006

This Time It's Personal

It's sort of Easter, or as it is known round here, Christmas II: The Return, so activity has dropped off a cliff. You may have noticed. It feels like a Thursday, doesn't it?

Simon is on holiday. I am, unfortunately, busy doing things I don't want to talk about. And the nation, exhausted after three months of frenzied hard work, has clearly shut up shop for the next fortnight.

Funny. A long weekend used to consist of a Friday and Monday, plus the usual weekend. Now a long weekend starts on the Monday before and drags on as long as possible. In the same way, the working week has contracted so that Tuesday is the new Monday, and Thursday is the new Friday. My traffic monitoring confirms this. People talk about how hard they work, but actually everybody is arseing about on the internet and taking extra long weekends.

In the future, May will also be one long weekend, stretching from one bank holiday to the other.

You may have heard that Marks and Spencer are showing a bit of a revival, with a strong sales quarter. The 6.8% increase in sales was all down to me, because I spent a fortune in there during February and March. Just thought you ought to know.


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