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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 12, 2006

Your Questions Answered

I'm afraid our logs are still too dominated by people for some reason following a link to a picture of a carrot that isn't even there for any meaningful dialogue to ensue. *Sigh* I miss those times.

One interesting image search today came from Quantico, Virginia, which is where the FBI HQ is isn't it? Whoever it was seems to have a fascination with Morris Traveller cars. Shouldn't you be saving the free world or something?

To the person from T'bilisi, Georgia, I have to say that there are so many things wrong with the way you have searched for "free photos ladies fucking vith horse" that I don't know where to start. But, for example, I don't think this is the kind of thing that ladies actually do.

Annelise Hesme is still very popular, I see. As is the old chestnut about how to pronounce Epiphone.

To the person searching for the lyrics to Shelby Lynne's song, "I Cry Every Day," I wouldn't have thought they were hard to make out. She doesn't exactly mumble.

To the person from Atlanta, Ga., who seems to have entered the entire lyric to a Tim McGraw song ("Something Like That" from A Place In The Sun) into Google, I'm assuming that the artist/song title was the information you were looking for. It's nice when you hear a song on the radio or at the end of a film and absolutely have to know who it was, isn't it? I did this recently with a song at the end of that awful Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas film. You gotta love radio stations that play 50-in-a-row without telling you who you're listening to.

Fact of the day: according to a book I just flicked through in the Borders in Ox-ford, Houses of the Holy was the 10th best-selling album of the era they are already starting to call The Seventies.

In Borders, I also came to two inescapable conclusions about life. The first is that bookshops stock WAY TOO MANY Terry Pratchett Books, and also TOO MUCH TOLKEIN. Nothing against the guys, you understand, but too much is too much.

The other is that, if I worked in Ox-ford, I would spend all my income on obscure / arty magazines and journals.


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