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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 19, 2006

Must be good then

Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian gives it one star.

Given his track record, makes me suspect it might be quite good fun. My wife is making noises about going to see it. W H Smiths are already selling Tom Hanks-style Da Vinci Code wigs.

Can't wait to hear what Kermode says about it this afternoon.

Yesterday, that nice Simon Mayo was interviewing Jorja Fox from CSI. I do enjoy the Mayo show. His interviews are always superb, and he deserves more recognition for what is one of the best shows on British radio. Jorja was fielding questions from listeners about CSI. Some obvious ones, like, "Why don't you turn on the lights?" and "What was the story with Nick Stokes' two-episode moustache?"

She also revealed that in the USA (where CSI is a lot more popular than it is here), the programme has completely changed courtroom culture. Things that used to take several days of testimony to explain, juries now understand in fifteen minutes. Also their expectations of standards of evidence gathering are very high.

She's over here casting some play she's producing, at the Riverside Studios, or somewhere like that. You can hear her interview if you go to Five Live's front page as of now (there's a button there). The Daily Mayo is also available on iTunes. I tell you, it makes that Radio 4 look like the Hyacynth Bucket of crap that it is.


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