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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 17, 2006

My other blog is a Porsche

Today I saw the new Alfa 159 for the first time. Very nice looking car. Saw two of them actually, and the blue one looked nicer.

This is not a post about anything. Just saying hello. As I just commented on my other blog, yesterday I got my bike out for the first time in an awfully long time. I've been suffering back, hip and leg pain (which I suspect is sciatica) and it finally drove me to try to create so much pain elsewhere in my body that I no longer notice the sciatica. (If you've ever suffered from sciatica, you'll know what a funny line that was!)

I had a headache all day yesterday, too, so it was an attempt to blow the cobwebs away. I have to say, it worked a treat. My leg hasn't hurt since and my headache was cleared up after the ride (and a short nap!). My legs were terribly wobbly and weak from quite an early stage, however, and I had to use the granny gears to go up some mild inclines. O the shame!

I was just thinking, for a laugh, how funny it would be if I pretended to have some form of dementia, and turned up at my old employer, demanding to know why someone was sitting at my desk. My great uncle Ted used to do this. He played for Reading FC when he was a young man, and in his old age, he used to turn up for training. Hilarious! I would just love to see the faces on my former colleagues as they tried to fathom why I thought I still worked there.

Maybe not, though. Three hours drive for a conceptual joke: too much. In other news, I did just drive two hours (one each way) for a twenty minute meeting.


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