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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 15, 2006

Still a failure

It's starting to become embarrassing. As a 32 year old man who can't even put a shelf up without becoming extremely agitated by his own inability to do any DIY jobs either quickly, neatly and without any fuss. Why can't I be more like my old man, he just knows how to do everything. I'm never going to learn. I am a DIY failure. Happy now? Well I've said it. I AM A DIY FAILURE.

Still, he'd be screwed if I withheld IT support, so it's not all one way.


  • I'm the same, but my DIY nemesis(es) is/are my brother-in-law(s). One of them built his own house. The other built his own shed. And my studio. I helped, but whereas he can do everything perfectly, I can't apply a screwdriver to a screw without ruining the head or injuring myself.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 1:09 am  

  • i thought there would be a special day when all the skills were handed down from father to son. but no.

    i do have a big tin full of miscellaneous screws, bolts and what have you, though, like what old men have.

    By Blogger dog, at 1:17 am  

  • At least I seem to be in good company.

    By Blogger HolySwerve, at 2:27 am  

  • You're normal, have no fear. The rest of them are twats with their organised tool boxes...

    IT smarts is where it's at in geekworld, baby.

    By Blogger patrische, at 6:01 am  

  • My wife dropped the hammer on my head while we were fastening a wall-unit up in the kitchen at our old house.

    I find the trick to DIY is to try hammering it a bit harder. If it doesn't fit, hammer it hard. If the head shears off the screw, use a hammer. You get the idea.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 10:47 am  

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