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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 12, 2006

Moulin a vent a la maison

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I heard some geezer on the radio yesterday talking about how easy it is to put a domestic wind turbine on your roof at home.

Apparently the cost can be as low as £1500, which is closer to £1000 if you get one of them there grant thingies.

He reckoned it was so straightoforward that it won't be long before you can buy the things in B&Q and fit it yourself... "As simple as plugging it in to a 3-pin socket."

You what? Surely not that easy?

With that kind of cost, you'd get a return on your investment in around 3 years, plus you could have electric everything, couldn't you? Electric carving knife, breadmaker, coffee stirrer, toothbrush, hairbrush. And you could leave the iron on all day, as I did yesterday, and the only cost would be your house burning down, as mine didn't yesterday.

Er... I think that's #1997


  • oh yeah? and what do you do when the house takes off?

    By Blogger dog, at 5:10 am  

  • This is interesting innit, because I've heard that people with these are generating surplus power and actually selling it back into the grid.

    Doubly interesting as I had a letter from Npower this week. Loads of typed up words and then at the bottom it said "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We're going to double your Direct Debits."

    Thans for that. Whatever happened to the promise of cheaper gas & lecky bills if I signed up? Did they mean "cheaper" in the marketing sense of the word, i.e. "any meaning that we choose to attach to the word, and we reserve the right to change that meaning whenever we like".

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 6:03 am  

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