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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 27, 2003


Saw Meg Ryan on Parkie on Saturday night, and was suitably embarrassed. There's a certain kind of star so concerned with trying to come across as "thoughtful and intelligent" that they end up seeming thick and ignorant.

She was squirming away from Parkie, who was trying desperately to lighten her up and flirt a bit, and every time they pulled a close-up of her face, you couldn't help noticing that her lips look pretty much like Jack Nicholson's as the Joker in Batman.

I'm sure she'd deny it, but it looks like she's gone all Lesley Ash on us, which flies in the face of her trying to be taken seriously. I've never subscribed to the "Meg Ryan only does ditsy" school of thought, so all this publicity about "In the Cut" is meaningless, of course.

Her best films, for me, are French Kiss (with Kevin Kline) and Addicted to Love with Matthew Broderick. In both films she shared screentime with gifted comic actors, whereas in her more well known films with Tom Hanks, too much time in the film is spent with them not on screen together. Romantic Comedy should all be about interaction, not all this longing from a distance crap. Bringing Up Baby doesn't feature Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn exchanging letters or phonecalls, does it?

So while I know she's doesn't "only do ditsy" she only really does that - or something like it - well, and the rest of the time she comes across too much as someone trying to be taken seriously. And the lips are looking ridiculous.

You know, it's funny, but on imdb you can see that she played characters called C/Katherine/Kate in 3 films in a row (IQ, French Kiss, and Restoration).

She's also been Maggie three different times.

I wonder what the record is for an actor/actress playing characters with the same name in different films (franchises excluded).?


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