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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 06, 2005

The death of dignity

I would be terribly funny if Prince Rainier's funeral is on Saturday, causing another postponement to Chuck and Millie's wedding.

In other news, I thought it was hilarious that scuffles broke out among morbid mourners queuing morbidly to view the Pope's decaying body. I loved the scenes of people dashing and pushing and scuffling in order to join the back of a 9-mile queue. Reminded me of those scenes at Mecca, with people being crushed after walking ten million miles to see a rock, or something.

It occurs to me that a fair percentage of the ghoulish queuers must be, in fact, non-catholics, there for the crack. I particularly admire those who have taken young children with them, for the full pant-wetting, back-breaking, leg-aching experience. It would surely revive the British tourist industry to have a few dead bodies on display here and there? Any volunteers?

Perhaps they could display the body of that bloke nobody found for 6 years after his death? In the ghost train on Yarmouth pleasure beach perhaps? It's what he would have wanted.


  • Even a hanged man gets a reprieve if the rope fails twice, because that is deemed as a sign from above that certain things were not meant to be.

    The unfortunate couple should heed the omens.

    Blue pope - sounds like a cheap white wine.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 3:49 am  

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