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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 27, 2003

fear of a black cat

So. I've updated my Mac OS to 10.2.3, aka Panther, and everything seems to be working perfectly... except keyboard input in the Blogger Create New Post window. So I'm having to copy and paste.

I'm not installing it at home yet, because it'll break Pro Tools or something like that, but I like the feel of it so far. Seems just that little bit quicker, labels are back, and Exposé (which allows you to show/hide open windows in various ways) is smooth.

But the mouse tracking speed has changed, inexplicably, and I need to reset it to where it was before. And of course I can't type into a Blogger window, which is weird.

**Update. Being the Problem-solving kind of guy I am, I tried everything (resetting Safari, messing around with preferences, restarting the Mac) and eventually went into the User>> library>> preferences and threw away the Safari preferences file. All is now (s)well.


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